Sunday, 29 May 2011


Finally im here! After a really long wait I finally boarded a plan that was jam packed with people and got up once in a 13hour flight. Watch The Green Hornet, Wall-E and various parts of other crap movies. I remember recommending Wall-E to two giggly girls when i worked at the Cinema to only have them return back and tell me it was lame. Gonna have to say they were probably right, in that it's just as lame as any other romantic comedy drivel that has been made.

Vancouver is not all that different from Auckland. The people are different (openly gay men are EVERYWHERE and Tyler is very good at making things SUPER awkward) and the accents are obviously different but it just feels like I could be in another part of Auckland. The obvious things are different (types of cars/side of road driving on/food outlets etc) but there are plenty of familiar things and English is used so I don't feel overwhelmed by it.

Had a Big Mac from Macca's for dinner, cost 10NZD upsized and the drinks were the Large Sized ones from Wendys in NZ and the Chips were just crazy amount. No need to upsize in future i think haha. They have awesome trains from the airport into the main city for very cheap, was only 7.50 CAD which was great and it also allows you to travel on the bus system too so in comparison to NZ this is way better as I imagine NZ would be at minimum $10 to take the bus into Downtown Auckland? Maybe more i dont know but one thing i really didnt like was having all my luggage on me while using public transport. Felt super awkward and nervous but wasnt really in any danger i dont think. Felt like a right idiot when i couldnt work out where the bus was going to come to take me closer to the Hostel but eventually got some help and worked it out. Wasnt too difficult if i had a shred of confidence about the small sign with a little bus on it but yea i figure im allowed at least one stupid tourist moment this early on.

It's great being overseas with Tyler, he arrived shortly after I did to the hostel so was really cool to see him.

Well thats all for today.

Friday, 27 May 2011

30 Hours

Well the hour draws close to my departure and i'm still putting off packing and doing all the sensible pre-trip preparation i should probably do. Instead i'll just go and do things last minute which always seems to be much more exciting anyway.

Im filled with so many different emotions about this trip but I suppose that's to be expected. I have no idea how i'm gonna react to leaving the airport terminal and waving goodbye to my family, i think i'll probably be really enjoy being on my own for a bit but after a while i'll miss my family... maybe. As for friends well i'll be making new ones so i can't see why i'll miss from NZ. JOAKES i'll miss everyone but no more than they will miss me i think.

Well i suppose i'ld best finish this first mini blog about nothing much in particular. I swear i'm way better at writing blogs in my head than when it actually comes down to it. Oh well