Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Post-Contiki withdrawl.

If you've been on one, you understand. If you havn't you wont.

Its like having an entirely different life for a period of time. Throw in with a group of similar ages and some likeminded people and you form tight, close friendships very very quickly. It also offers you a new form of freedom, a freedom to be exactly whatever you wanted to be. I opted to be myself. And i was by all accounts very 'me'. Its just that who 'me' is is very different to how 'me' has been.

When you allow other peoples opinions or judgment to supersede your own, then you allow others to control your life. Sometimes others will have good advice for you because they have better judgement in a certain issue than you do. You should listen to them! ... but often others are wrong. Often they tell us what we want to hear or they tell us something THEY think is right based on the limited amount of knowledge they have of you.

Where does God realistically sit on your opinion scale? For me its at the top, just underneath me. This is something I want to change but it will take time.

So who I am has changed (as I hoped it would). Actually rather, the me I act out has changed. It was always there, it was just suppressed.

What I miss now is how EASY Contiki is. Its EASY to have something to do, someone to do it with and something to do afterwards. Its like having a pre-packaged group of friends and adventures that you go on.

Well thats all for now, sorry its a little short!

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