Sunday, 16 October 2011


Judgement will never save the world. Hate will fuel our own demise, envy our self-destructive ways. Lust corrupts the sacred nature of the human body while greed whores it out for luxuries. Anger breeds impulse driven evil while indifference watches meekly as the house burns down all around. Self-righteousness booms like a rock concert deafening all that hear it to the one good thing in life while vanity and pride blind us to it.

If only I could not judge others and let go of hate, envy and lust. Greed seems written into my very soul but it to can go, while anger has never stayed around long enough to be anything more than a passing guest. Self-righteousness was a younger friend, now replaced with the twins guilt and shame while vanity and pride console the two brothers. 

Truly it is love that will save the world, save us from our self-destructive lives. Love that will protect the sacred being that is humanity. Love that stills the raging furor of anger and stirs the indifferent into action. Love takes the self out of self-righteous and puts to death any flashes of vanity or pride.

Love and nothing else.

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