Wednesday, 1 June 2011

48 Hours in Duration

I like you but not enough to say I love you. You're too much like everything I know. But don't distress, I still love to be with you. You're quirky and different which I like a lot. You've made me reflect on my attitude towards what makes someone a Christian.

I learnt about a box that was made by a man, for men and woman to find safety. I loved this box. I didn't have to try to get in because I was born in here. As i'm growing however, i'm finding no measure of satisfaction in the size of this box. No home to treasure or live forever, no this box is made on hypocrisy and a poorly disguised evolution from the in-crowd from wherever. What else did i expect from a man-made box?

I'm looking for the unmade box from God. The one which has no hypocrisy. The one where everyone is in if they want to be. The one who measures apples in apples alone and not some pedigree of luxurious brand or breed. Your apple, their apples and my apples. One and the same but altogether different.

So thank you for the time we've had so far.


P.s. We both know I look terrible in green, so lets pain it blue or red but anything other than plain!

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