Tuesday, 21 June 2011


So Contiki is ridiculously dope. Meet a good dude on the first night (the only one I can relate to) and now have a friend for life! So awesome, tripped over to France from England meeting a few of the Contiki fellows along the way, countryside was so sweet and not too shocked by the different language although I understand a small amount so thats helped. Also been really great with dealing with the Parisian attitude as speaking a little French can sometimes help but they really are just assholes most of the time. Everything is SUPER expensive, like a Coke is 6NZD, a beer in the club is like 8-10NZD minimum and up to 15NZD etc etc. Hopefully thats just Paris!!! But im not worrying about money because this is a trip of a lifetime and i can pay for it later :P

First day in Paris we saw the Effiel tower. BLOWN away as I was when seeing Big Ben. It just doesn't compare to anything when you actually see things. I feel overwhelmed with the depth of beauty in these old buildings, taken a LOT of photos when we journeyed around on day two but camera died coming down the tower. So missed photos of the Arc de Triumph up close but thats ok. Saw Mona Lisa. No big deal.

I'm so stoaked i didnt look into anything because everyday so far has NOT been a dissapointment, it really is the sickest time. Im so caught up in meeting all the people (surrounded by beautiful woman all day is really good fun) that I dont know if ill be able to keep up blogging but i want to write down things that i do so i rember them later. So excuse me if they are a jumble :) Got lost for 2h30min today which was funish, took the wrong metro and it was a good laugh, the Gardens at versailes were nice but didnt get in because the french were on strike. The louvre was amazing, as was the oblesix and wow i really cant spell at the moment either im SO TIRED. Only day 3 (4 technically) and im loving every minute, its worth every dollar.

Just doing my best to absorb and take in the amazing sights and the amazing people!!!!
Thought about home, which i dont miss but still look forward to coming home.
Steve if you're reading this i miss you bro, wish you were here to party it up with me because it is seriously so dope.

Au reviour!

Mental Note: Don't forget the mint night out listening to Parisian street music and being super chill, the pizza/coke by the Notre-dame, the beer on one of the roads from the Arc de Triumpe, partying at the Irish Pub, awesome dinner (quiche, beef stew, cheese, pastry and Ashley getting legless).

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