Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Good things come in twos

Thought i'ld try some poetry.

"He slouched through the snow,
crunching the flakes to water as he labored from his camp,
to find a warmer dream away from his troubles,
he found the taste of nothing, disguised as water, to be his destination to go.

Then he found an army of dreamers who'd walked his song,
and they banded together tighter than any nut and bolt,
taking to the world to see the warmth finding their hearts once cold and troubled,
to be free in their simpler forms.

They saw flames and felt dread,
as the ones once proclaimed as God's to be much less than deity,
men wicked men took what they desired and stole everything but lead,
left to sit in the hearts of the people, who sank sank sank
to the lowest depths in their head.

Why birds stopped singing they never knew,
but the songs in their heads ever they grew,
until the first sang the song they had all known so long,
and the rest joined the first to make the score hum,
for the men of old had gone and their woes were healed in song."

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