Friday, 10 June 2011

5 days?

Apparently it's been five days since my last blog.
Really hasn't felt that long to be honest, I suppose the perceived pace of time is picking up now i'm getting into the swing of travel.

I thought I should take this time to take down a list of what i've done here in Vancouver so I can keep the memories fresh.

Sunday 29th: Arrived, went for a walk down Davie St
Monday 30th: Went walking around the city, up and down Granville and a few other roads.
Tuesday 31st
Wednsday 1st
Thursday 2nd: Watched 1st Ice Hockey finals game
Friday 3rd:
Saturday 4th: Watched 2nd Ice Hockey finals game
Sunday 5th: Went shopping all around the place. Pacific Plaza and Metrotown.
Monday 6th: Went for a bike ride around Stanley Park/Sea Wall, all the way from the start of Stanley til Kitsilano Beach. BEST DAY EVER. Watched 3rd Ice Hockey finals game and went out drinking with Fernando and David
Tuesday 7th: Relaxed all day. Went out for a drink but only had 1 cause service was crap at the Steamwhistle. Said goodbye to Fernando and David.
Wednesday 8th: Relaxed and recovered from Tuesday night, watched 4th Ice Hockey finals Game
Thursday 9th: Recovered from Wed nyt haha. Went to the aquarium. Shopped for a book, had dinner at Nandos with Tyler and Russel and watch the latest X-Men movie.
Friday 10th: Left Vancouver

I'll have to revise most of that list at some point because im getting the dates wrong and forgetting a lot of what we did. Not like we really did much, just wandered around and had fun haha. So I really like Vancouver, it's a very beautiful city. I liken it a lot to Auckland in some ways but then again its very very different. Has been a blast to be here while Stanley Finals Ice Hockey matches have been played! Amazing atmosphere, look forward to being home for the RWC Finals :P.

Im really looking forward to Europe now, I feel relaxed in travelling at the moment but we shall see how the trip down to San Fran deals with that. I was hoping to blog about something meaningful i've been thinking about but (a) i've forgotten it and (b) i've started to feel too tired to bother haha.

So i'll end the blog here. Im learning to hold back saying things a bit more now, finding that sometimes the truth is not enough justification to allow for things to be said. I need to learn more about filtering my words for their appropriateness. It's hard though, to hold back saying things you want to say but sometimes the hard things in life are the only things worth doing.

If there is something you would like to hear me blog about i'm open to suggestions. Feel free to suggest anything, you'll be amazed (or maybe not) at how much I can get out of the smallest tidbit.

Thanks for reading, sorry this is a bit boring.

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